Wraith trap map

Wraith Trap map

Wraith Trap is a map in Evolve. This is a daytime map. 

Modes - Hunt, Rescue and Nest


This map is filled with medium to tall trees, large rock pillars, and hazy skies. The center of the map houses a tank filled with orange liquid that imprisons an angry Wraith.   

Evacuation Map Effects Edit

If the Hunters are victorious, then the scientists can complete their work allowing them to construct Teleport Gates which allow hunters to teleport to central locations in the map.

If the monster wins, however, the captured wraith will go mad and create Teleport Rifts which are monster-only variants of Teleport Gates and act in much the same way.(p.s. The mad wraith does not escape and help you like the beliefs say.)

These effects are also available in custom games on the following maps:

  • Armory, Fusion Plant, Refueling Tower,and Rendering Plant.

Wildlife Edit

Maximum Elites: 7

Available Elites: