• Pseudobread

    Turtle Rock Studios have unleashed four new hunter characters for Evolve today! Check them out below.

    • Hyde

    Hyde is the new Assault class character, who uses a minigun, which works as you might expect, and a flamethrower, which does huge damage but only at very short range.

    • Maggie

    Maggie is the new trapper class character, she uses harpoons and a machine pistol, but her coolest weapon is her pet Daisy, an alien bloodhound who can track the enemy monster's movement.

    • Lazarus

    Lazarus is the new medic class character, though he operates differently than Val. As opposed to healing his teammates, Lazarus can revive them with his lazarus device. He also has a cloaking device and a silenced sniper rifle.

    • Bucket

    Bucket is the new support class character, a …

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