Big news announcement from 2K Games this morning regarding the 'soon to be released' game Evolve.

1. Wraith -  It's real and it's here. We have heard rumors and leaks in the past but now it is officially the third monster in the game and will be available at launch. I know there were users who tried to sneak a pic or two in here a while ago, but thank you all for being understanding regarding the use of 'not-yet-released' information. We want 2K to be excited about our wikia and part of that is making sure we dont break the rules. They have been cool about sending us "official" information as it's released and we would like them to keep doing so.  Go check out the Wraith page and the new trailers!

2. Open Beta - We all knew it was coming to XBox One in January but now we have the official dates. It will start at 6AM on Thursday, January 15th. Here is a snippet from the official announcement. 

From the moment the exclusive Xbox One Open Beta begins at 6AM ET on Thursday, January 15, players can experience Evolve’s core “Hunt” mode, while unlocking new Monsters and Hunters as they play. New Hunter and Monster characters unlocked in the Xbox One Open Beta will carry over to the final retail version of the game. Starting on January 17, Xbox One Open Beta players will gain exclusive access to Evacuation , Evolve’s dynamic campaign that combines the full array of maps and modes into a unique and highly replayable experience.

That brings us to the third annoucement:

3. Solo Play - This one has me excited for sure! It's not always easy to get the gang together and maybe sometimes you just want to practice. Well, now you can. Every character, every map and every mode in Evolve can be experienced entirely offline as a solo player competing against computer-controlled opponents.

Whether playing as the Monster, or hot-swapping between an entire team of four Hunters, Evolve’s unique blend of 4v1 gameplay is particularly enjoyable alone when playing the dynamic campaign, Evacuation, which combines the full array of maps and modes into a highly replayable experience.

So there you have it. The latest and greatest from the unique and fun upcoming game Evolve.

A bit of new information for the wikia is the Forum! It is up and ready to go. Don't forget we also have a chat room that you can use to discuss strategies, gameplay or just hang out. Want to take your information with you? Check out the Wikia Game Guides available on Android and iOS. Look for it in your app store and search for Evolve. Now you can take your wikia with you. 

Get out there and contribute!

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