Launch Day is almost here and it's time to find out which character you plan to try out first. Many players including myself have been trying out the game already and pretty much know if we prefer monsters or hunters and which one. Personally when I first got the invite from 2K, I was all about the monster. I was gonna be Goliath and my  older gamer kids were looking forward to playing hunters and shooting mom in the face! Unfortunately there were only 4 of us playing together and you weren't able to premake a team that included a monster with 4 players so we got a random monster every time. I did however get to play Maggie and fell in love with that character and have been Maggie ever since! Now my goal is to be the best Maggie ever.  Of course in online play, you have to set your preferences to what class you prefer to play and in what order, so you don't always get your first choice but I would imagine more often than not, you would. In Solo Mode , you can play any character you prefer and can swap out during gameplay. Come vote on the Evolve Wiki main page or leave us a comment below stating who your favorite character is and why.

Tomorrow's launch will include a huge patch download that will include Elite Skins, Game Level Learning optimizations. balancing tweaks, general bug fixes, performance improvements ranging from load times to match making and more bandwidth optimizations. The size of the download will depend on the platform with the PC version being as large as 3g. The game platforms include PC/Steam, XBox One and PS4. More information about the patch can be found at the Official Web Site For those of you who don't follow @EvolveGame on Twitter, I suggest you go take a look at #GoliathTakeOver. There is some pretty funny stuff that players have posted using that hashtag. For players looking forward to playing Behemoth , the DLC is expected to release approximately a month after game launch, so watch for that. It will have a $15 (US) price tag for anyone who chose not to preorder. 

Looking forward to playing Evolve with you all. In case you haven't seen the "Ready or Not' trailer (of course you have) here it is for your enjoyment. This trailer and many other can be viewed on the Evolve Wiki as well as information on all your favorite characters, wildlife , maps and more. We also have a Chat room and a Forum . Visit the community and become a contributor!

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