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  • Pinkachu

    2K and Turtle Rock announced today a new challenge for the Evolve community! The event takes place this weekend between 12:01 ET on Friday, April 10 and 12:01 Monday, April 13th. The challenge is for the Evolve community to land 1,000,000 successful rock throws on Hunters while playing as Goliath. If the challenge is met by the community, everyone who plays Evolve during that time will be rewarded with the Goliath VooDoo Skin for free. More information can be found on the official site.

    Previous events included rewards of the Turtle Rock Gold Skins and the Trapper Preditor Skins. There will be more Evolve Community Challenges to come.

    Official Blog

    Skins from past events: 

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  • Pinkachu

    Launch Day is almost here and it's time to find out which character you plan to try out first. Many players including myself have been trying out the game already and pretty much know if we prefer monsters or hunters and which one. Personally when I first got the invite from 2K, I was all about the monster. I was gonna be Goliath and my  older gamer kids were looking forward to playing hunters and shooting mom in the face! Unfortunately there were only 4 of us playing together and you weren't able to premake a team that included a monster with 4 players so we got a random monster every time. I did however get to play Maggie and fell in love with that character and have been Maggie ever since! Now my goal is to be the best Maggie ever.  Of…

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  • Pinkachu

    This week 2K reveals a new companion game for the 4v1 shooter Evolve . Evolve:Hunter's Quest is a Match-3 puzzle game similar in play to Bejeweled or Candy Crush but with a bit of a twist. Throughout the missions, players much match three tokens of the same color to unleash devistating attacks on their enemies. During gameplay results of your attacks are shown on screen above the gameboard in a graphical display of Monster vs Hunter. To activate the Hunter's special abilites, players will need to fill up energy bars. There is an energy bar for each type of Hunter . Medic, Assault, Support and Trapper. There are over 100 missions available and they all take place on the planet Shear . Players will earn Mastery Points to level up their chara…

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  • Pinkachu

    Hello Evolve wikians!

    Just received information from 2K regarding new strategy guides they have posted on their Official site. One that covers tactics for  Defend Mode , Nest Mode and Rescue Mode . This other is a cool guide giving players a basic overview of the game . Be sure to check these out and feel free to reference them when contributing to the wiki. Here are the links to the new guides. While we don't generally prefer to link directly to outside resources, I felt that these were important to get to our community with the beta currently running for XBox One. I am currenly playing in the Closed PC Technical Beta myself but will hopefully find time to check out the XBox Beta later today. Happy Hunting!

    Evolve Strategy Guide

    Evolve Tacti…

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  • Pinkachu

    Big news announcement from 2K Games this morning regarding the 'soon to be released' game Evolve.

    1. Wraith -  It's real and it's here. We have heard rumors and leaks in the past but now it is officially the third monster in the game and will be available at launch. I know there were users who tried to sneak a pic or two in here a while ago, but thank you all for being understanding regarding the use of 'not-yet-released' information. We want 2K to be excited about our wikia and part of that is making sure we dont break the rules. They have been cool about sending us "official" information as it's released and we would like them to keep doing so.  Go check out the Wraith page and the new trailers!

    2. Open Beta - We all knew it was coming to X…

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