• JokerSlunt

    This is not an EVOLVE GAME REVIEW. This is a VIDEO discussing some of the bad business practices being emplyed by 2k Games and Turtle Rock Studios, developer of the Left 4 Dead franchise of video games.

    2K  is using Pre-Order Bonuses and Day One DLC to push content on the consumer. There is a total of $61 worth of Day One DLC in the form of CHARACTER SKINS as well as the inclusion of a $25 SEASON PASS. POST LAUNCH, 2K has promised ADD ONS like MONSTERS for $15 and HUNTERS for $8 each. They feel this is justified by the fact that all the maps added POST LAUNCH will be FREE MAPS rather than EXPANSION PACKS or PAID DLC.  What do you think? Will you buy EVOLVE? Did you already PRE ORDER the game? If so are you enjoying it and would you RECOMMEND EVOL…

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