The following Wildlife was either cancelled or unreleased. Many of their assets were used in the Hunter's Quest minigame.

The Host Edit

The Host exists as a canon monster in the Evolve universe, but was scrapped from the game proper due to limitations.

Cryosaur Edit


D concept art of the Cryosaur

The Cryosaur is a predatory creature that appears in Evolve's Hunters Quest. The Cryosaur is the king of Shear's polar wastes. It is the undisputed alpha predator, capable of easily snapping a man in half.

In spite of its size, it is a burrowing hunter. Using thermal glands on its dorsal side, it melts the ice, burrowing down until it is covered in newly melted water. At that point it stops burrowing, so the water slowly freezes back to ice with the Cryosaur underneath it, waiting. The Cryosaur can sense even minute tremors in the ice above it so when it detects prey of sufficient caloric value, it bursts force from the ice, often stunning its prey in the process. Those who survive the initial impact are quickly caught and eaten.

They present a serious challenge to even a stage three monster.

Ice Lurker Edit

The Ice Lurker is a predatory creature that appears in Evolve's Hunters Quest. Like many Hunter's Quest beasts, it is a cancelled wildlife variant originally intended to be used on ice maps.

They are opportunistic pack hunters on Shear, the Ice Lurker prefers to follow its prey and attack only the stragglers, the old, and the sickly.

Cinder Hog Edit

An unreleased wildlife designed for the volcanic biome of Evolve and included in Evolve's Hunters Quest.

Glacial Serpent Edit

The Glacial Serpent is a predatory creature that appears in Evolve's Hunters Quest.

It is the largest creature yet discovered on Shear, the aquatic Glacial Serpent only recently learned how much food...which is to say, humans...there was to be found in the shallows of Shear's oceans.

The Serpent waits just beyond the breakwater, and then lunges forward, scooping up entire families in one fell swoop.

Scars found on dead Glacial Serpents indicate great struggles with possibly even larger denizens of the deep.

Leviathan Edit


The Leviathan's corpse - One of two in the entire game, the other being found on the map "Broken Hill Murder Pits" in the Slaughterhouse Arena.

A Leviathan is a colossal predator found in the oceans of Shear. Although a living specimen cannot be found in game, there is a decaying Leviathan corpse that can be found near the Weather Control Tower in a Reaver den.

  • In addition to the wildlife, Torvald makes reference to a monster called "Leviathan".

Leviathan concept art