The Sword Edit

The Sword incident is not an incident that occurs in-game, but is still part of the backstory. Parnell, Abe, and Sunny used to work together as Bounty Hunters on a frigate called the Sword. When Sunny first joins, she is only sixteen. Initially despising Parnell's decision to let Sunny on the team, Abe is later proven wrong by his paranoia when she turns out to be the best asset they have ever received, acting as an excellent pilot.

“She’s sixteen!” Abe shouted, stabbing a finger at the girl who no longer pretended she couldn’t hear the two men arguing across the cavernous bay.

Parnell looked at Abe. “She deserves a chance.”

“Deserves?! She deserves a mom and dad who give a shit. She deserves college or whatever. Money. Guy who’ll buy her a nice…you know. Deserve is bullshit man, where did that come from?” Abe and Parnell, The Sword, Chapter One

Two years later, the Bounty Hunters are still in action. After Mason, a friend of Parnell and Abe, nearly sabotages one of their missions, Abe confronts him rather violently. Slamming him against a locker, Abe angrily tells Mason that he risked all of their lives because he spent the night drinking instead of prepping. Terrified of Abe, Mason quickly informs Abe that he won't do it again.

Sunny, having witnessed the confrontation, speaks to Abe once Mason scrambles. After Sunny tells Abe that it was unnecessary to yell at Mason, Abe explains that he needs to keep everyone in line for Parnell. He says that Parnell has never suffered a real loss - and if he does, for example, losing everyone because someone doesn't prep correctly, he will do something that he regrets. Abe states that once he does, he will hate himself.

"You don't know him. He can't stand to see... he doesn't think like other people. He expects everyone to live up to his bullshit standard. Eventually someone'll let him down and he'll see red, and when it's all done he will fucking hate himself, do you get it? He'll hate himself because he killed a guy and he will blame himself for Mason's screw-up. He'll blame himself for letting us down. He'll say 'If I'd been a better leader...!" - Abe, The Sword, Chapter One

Later, Sunny confronts Abe again. She says that she wants to know "...what happened at Hub", since she doesn't think it's a big deal, as "people die all the time". At first refusing to tell her, Abe eventually cracks and explains what Parnell hinted to her. He tells Sunny that, at one point in his early life, he was a ruthless killer. One of his worst memories is when he stole a ship from a man, just because he was young and wanted to get a kick out of it. Abe states that he could tell that the man's ship was his baby - he had spend most of his life on it. Abe tells her that he shot the man while he was down on his knees, without regret and hesitation. The kill was unnecessary, but Abe did so anyway.

"This guy was different. He didn't stand down. He didn’t stand down, because he wasn’t a guard. He was the guy who built the fucking thing. Designed it. Beautiful ship. Poured his... his life into it." - Abe, The Sword, Chapter One

Abe then tells Sunny that, since the kill, he was an outlaw. He eventually found Parnell, signed up for his team. Abe says that eventually he began to see things Parnell's way - he made Abe want to be a better man. And so, Abe told Parnell about what had happened. Parnell said that he "wasn't that guy anymore", and Abe changed simply from that.

Eventually, a man by the name of Jahlani recruits Parnell and Abe to fight Hub, in order to protect Sapphire Station. Parnell and Abe argue for a while about this, as Abe doesn't want to fight Hub, but he caves once Parnell mentions that Abe is not here because they're friends, but because Abe just wants his pay. Once Parnell leaves Abe alone with Jahlani to negotiate the plan, Abe convinces Jahlani to fire the nukes as soon as Hub appears.

Once the Sword is in position, as well as Sapphire, Sunny detects readings from Cherenkov space. This implies that Hub is coming. The rest of the team rush to watch the show. However, the ship - the Solaris, apparently a myth - jumps too close to Sapphire. The Solaris is a stealth ship, and has a skeleton crew. Since Abe ordered Jahlani to fire the nukes on sight, he does so - frying the Sapphire, and blinding the Sword.

Despite heavy casualties on the Sapphire, Jahlani radios the team and says the casualties were worth it. The Sword, dumbfounded by Solaris' disappearance, eventually figure out that it must have dived back into Cherenkov Space, unfortunately landing right by Sirius A, a star. The Sword contacts Solaris immediately, and informs them that they are coming to help.

"I told them... as soon as you see a ship... fire your nukes."

"At that range?!" Dietrich shouted.

"I didn't know they'd come in that close! You ever seen a ship do that before? Anyone?"

"You killed everyone on that station!" Mason howled.

"I didn't know!" Abe shouted. "Anyone think Hub would come in that close? Anybody?!" - The Sword, Chapter Two

While the Sword are suiting up, Mason angrily shouts at Parnell. He tells the Captain that he is going to kill them all by doing something so stupid. Once Mason says that "...this is exactly why you were drummed out of Sol Guard! For trying shit like this!” Parnell promptly fires him.

Once the Sword gets close to the trapped Solaris, Abe boards it, leaving Dietriech, Mason and Parnell onboard the Sword. Struggling to keep the Sword away from the star, Parnell says that there's no time once Abe informs him of the casualties. After a moment of contemplation, Sunny volunteers to help get Solaris' engines back online, since she's the only one who can do it. Mason says that he can help pilot it, while she gets the engines back online. Parnell gives them the all-clear, so Sunny and Mason go to help Abe while Parnell continues to pilot the Sword, trying to keep it away from the star.

Abe eventually returns, carrying the last disoriented Solaris member out of the ship and safely onto the Sword. Abe rushes to watch Sunny pilot the Solaris, having fixed the engines. She informs the two over the radio that they're almost out of range of the star. However, she doesn't see that half the ship has been completely eaten by the star. Parnell immediately tells her this, but she doesn't answer. Instead, Mason does. He tells them that the starboard is clear, and to get the Sword out of there.

Abe and Parnell watch as the Solaris barely makes it out of the star's pull. Prematurely, the crew celebrate their victory. However, it's cut short. Abe notices that Solaris' engines are glowing while Parnell and Dietrich celebrate. The engines, going critical, explode. This destroys Solaris and half the Sword, the only remaining piece the cockpit. Sunny, Dietrich, Mason, and the entirety of the Solaris' members all perish except Parnell and Abe.

"He's in a coma," the nurse said, her smile sympathetic. "We're monitoring brain activity. We'll tell you as soon as there's anything. You can go home. Right now he has no idea you're here."'

Abe stared at the nurse like he hadn't heard what she said. “Yeah,” he said eventually. "But I know." - Abe regarding Parnell's condition, The Sword, Chapter Two

Once Parnell eventually wakes up from a coma, Abe immediately comes to his aid at the bedside. Disoriented and confused, Abe explains gently to his friend what happened. He mentions that nobody but Parnell and him made it. Abe tells Parnell that the order Parnell gave - to save Solaris - was the bravest thing he's ever seen. Nervously, he adds on that Parnell is the best man that he's ever met. Parnell, barely awake, questions Sunny's condition. Abe tells him that they didn't find her body, and probably never will. After more silence, Abe eventually decides to leave to let Parnell grieve.

Parnell started at nothing.

"I gotta find something to do," Abe said. "Gotta go check the line, look for bounties," he said. "I can relax now that you're awake."

"Ok," Parnell said.

Abe stood up. "I'll be back tomorrow," he said. He picked up one of he comics, showed it to Parnell. When Parnell didn't look at it, didn't give any indication he was even aware Abe was in the room, Abe tossed the comic back down. "Try to find you some more comics," he said. You'll grind through these in an hour, I know you."

"Ok," Parnell said.

Abe looked at Parnell. Looked at the comics, the room. He found it difficult to be in the room with his friend like this. Parnell needed room to take it in. Grieve.

Abe headed to the door. "I'll be back tomorrow," he said.

"Ok," Parnell said.

"Maybe I'll come back tonight," he said, and watched for a reaction from Parnell.

"Ok," Parnell said.

Abe sighed and screwed himself up. Grabbed the door handle, gave it a moment, and left.

"Ok," Parnell said. - The Sword, Part Three

Six months later, Cabot finds Parnell, drowning his sorrows in booze at a bar. After Cabot politely asks to sit down, the two briefly reminisce on a comic Parnell read - Wounded Wolves. The comic was supposedly about a man with his robot partner, taking out his anger about his wife's death on the wildlife. Cabot informs Parnell that the man in the comic was called William Cabot, and Parnell realizes it's him, happily stating that he read his comic book.

The two shake hands, and begin to converse. Cabot eventually mentions reading about the Sword. Begrudgingly, Parnell insists that whatever he read was "...all crap.", while also expressing annoyance that Cabot had brought the incident up at all. Cabot says that he can read between the lines, and he knows what the news brought out was fake.

Cabot openly ponders to Parnell on why the Sword's crew was on Solaris and vice versa. Cabot guesses what happened correctly, much to Parnell's dismay. After a moment of silence, Cabot gives Parnell the brief. He explains he is putting together a team of Planet Tamers to tame a planet called Shear. Becoming less down, Parnell seems to consider it. Cabot mentions that there's a plus to doing the job - Parnell gets to work with the guy from the comics. This makes Parnell laugh, and the two leave the bar after Cabot foots the bill for him.

"Simple job. I've done it a hundred times. And you feel good doing it. Just a bunch of wild animals one on side, good honest people on the other, and nothing but us between them. All your training? Your gear? You'd be a hero to these people." - Cabot, The Sword, Part Three

Parnell asks Cabot what his ship is called. Upon informing the man that it's called the Laurie-Anne, Parnell amusingly states that they probably won't be calling themselves the 'Laurie-Anne's'. The two take a moment to come up with a name, eventually settling on "the Crew". To justify, Cabot says that everyone else is always calling themselves weird names, stating that "Leading Edge," a comic made about Cabot's old Planet Taming crew, made it sound like they "sold razors". The Crew is simple - Cabot adds that people will see that name, and know that they're serious. He also briefly mentions that he thought the name 'Wounded Wolves' sounded ridiculous in relation to overly serious names.

The story ends with Parnell asking Cabot how he got fired from the Marshal service as they approach the Laurie-Anne. Cabot, appearing to be quoting someone, says that he was 'insufficiently ingratiating'. Parnell asks him what he means by that, in English. Cabot tells him that it means he "punched my [Cabot's] superior officer one too many times." Instantly shocked, Parnell says that he couldn't believe Cabot would do such a thing since he appears so calm. Smiling, Cabot tells Parnell that he was a young man once.

Cabot's Story Edit

Onboard a Marshal Station, twenty years before the Shear incident, a young William Cabot is having a heated argument with his superior officer, Deputy Thorgerson. Apparently angered with his decision to let criminal Arthur Rank go free, Cabot desperately tells his commander that letting Rank go will cause him to leave Hub. Thorgerson states that they'll track him. However, Cabot is convinced that Rank will see right through any tricks the Marshal Service tries to pull.

Upon telling Cabot calmly that he can simply just catch Rank again, Cabot angrily informs Thorgerson that catching him in the first place took six months. To add salt to the wound, he adds that he hasn't seen his wife (Laurie-Anne) in that time. Once Cabot deliberately chastises Thorgerson for not having completing any mission, Thorgerson informs Cabot that he is "seriously considering" suspending him from the Marshal service. Cabot tells him that if they let Rank go, he'll quit anyway, and he leaves the room.

Inside the interrogation room, Cabot's robot partner - RR-40a - calmly sits at the table as Cabot returns. Instantly, the robot states that Cabot risks gaining his promotion. Briefly reflecting on the strangeness of Rank-Rajat models obsessions with promotions, Cabot tells RR-40a that he's already lost his will to be promoted. Once RR-40a questions Cabot on what happened between him and Thorgerson, Cabot fills him in.

Cabot told him.

“Ah,” RR-40a said.

“I thought….,” Cabot was at his wits end. His eyes were red. “I thought, if we get Rank it’s worth the price. If I could go back to Laurie-Anne and say….’I got him!’ It would be worth it. It’d mean promotion. More time at the station, more time with her and Abby. I could buy her the ship she always wanted.” - Cabot and RR-40a, Cabot's Story

Close to tears, Cabot tells his partner that he was hoping to finish the job so that he could impress Laurie-Anne, and also spend more time with her and his daughter, Abby, since he would be promoted and taken to another station closer to them. RR-40a awkwardly sympathizes with Cabot, saying that although he does not have a family, the fact that Arthur Rank could go free would upset him. He adds on that he would like Rank to pay for his crimes just as much as Cabot.

Cabot, immediately deflecting his words, tells RR-40a that it is merely his "programming talking", and not any actual empathetic qualities. He tells his partner that he isn't free. Confused, RR-40a questions his logic. Cabot informs him that he is merely a product, owned by the Marshal service. The robot disagrees, and tells Cabot that he is free - free to say what he wants, do what he wants. He tells Cabot they they are the same.

Cabot, bothered by RR-40a's implication that they are equal, tells RR-40a that he could quit and work somewhere else, but in doing so would require him to get a completely new body and mainframe. He can say and think what he wants, but he could never do them, at least not in the body he's in.

Stunned by Cabot's words, RR-40a is silent for a short moment before repeatedly stating that Cabot is correct. He states that he isn't free like Cabot says, but politely adds on that Cabot similarly doesn't own his home. Cabot agrees - acknowledges that "everybody has a mortgage". RR-40a then goes on to say that Cabot doesn't own his ship, since he can't afford to buy a license. Instead, every flight must be approved by Hub Control.

“You are correct,” he admitted. Then a pause. “You are correct.” Something was happening. RR-40a only repeated himself like that under great mental strain, which usually meant some revelation was forthcoming.

“I am not free,” RR-40a said. “Not in the way you mean. Perhaps not truly. But, if I may. You do not own your home.”

Cabot pursed his lips. “Everybody has a mortgage.”

“Do you know what that word means? Mortgage? It means ‘debt until death.’" - Cabot and RR-40a, Cabot's Story

Quiet, Cabot reflects on his partner's words. Inwardly, he wonders how human the robot will be in twenty years. Breaking the silence briefly, RR-40a then admits that "neither of us are free". The two keep the silence until Cabot asks the robot where he would be if he were.

RR-40a tells Cabot that he has pondered about this before, but he has never decided on anything. Instead, he keeps coming back to the same question: what would Cabot do if he were free? Instantly, Cabot tells the robot that he would quit and go after Rank. RR-40a states that Cabot wouldn't kill him, since that would morally be wrong.

Cabot coldly states that RR-40a couldn't know morals, since he is just an AI and if he did, he was only programmed to. His partner informs Cabot that he has morals - although he was designed so that this effect could occur 'naturally'. Cabot tells the robot that it's not the same.

RR-40a acknowledges this, but states that despite his morals being artificial, there is one thing that is not - and that is his desire to go after Rank. Cabot, standing, dons his father's jacket, and states that once they find Rank, they won't arrest him, nor kill him. Cabot openly states that he could never face Laurie-Anne if he did so. Before the two leave, RR-40a stops Cabot. Lifting the hands of his Rank-Rajat chassis, he states that if he left, it would technically be theft. Knowing this, Cabot ushers the robot along.

Cabot then brings RR-40a to his ship. Upon finding a HuangCorp Repair and Maintenance Drone, RR-40a is transferred to his new and, in his own words, primitive shell. After a brief converse of admiring and pointing out flaws with his new body, RR-40a states that he would like a name to go with his new body. Cabot outwardly wonders - saying that he "just needed a bucket to hold your mindstate for now". Instantly, RR-40a takes a liking to the name Bucket, telling Cabot that he likes it. Despite it's weirdness, Cabot accepts it.

After affixing Bucket's metal tag to his new chassis, Cabot and Bucket leave and go after Rank. Finding him at a club at Shutter Station, Cabot confronts him with Bucket. Thinking it's a joke, Arthur Rank bursts out laughing, informing Cabot that Shutter Station is "under celestial regulations" and he can't arrest him.

“And what the fuck is that?” Rank asked, pointing to Bucket.

“You remember me, Arthur Rank,” Bucket said.

“Holy shit Cabot what happened to your robot?” Rank asked, a huge smile on his face. “Jesus what did you do to him? Did you turn him into a waste disposal drone? Man that’s, like, the most fitting thing I can imagine.” - Arthur Rank and Bucket, Cabot's Story

Additionally, Rank refers to Bucket, questioning Cabot on what he is. Bucket tells Rank that he remembers him, which amuses Rank, acting morbid as he asks Cabot what he did to his partner. Cabot simply tells Rank that Bucket wanted to see him go down, which causes him to laugh again. Rank however does admit that he was angered when he was arrested by the two, but he's over it now - besides, Cabot gets Hub, and Rank gets the Far Arm.

Upon stating that he owns that station, Cabot simply tells Rank that he doesn't, not anymore - along with the intrusion of a Tau Ceti IX, Terry, who grabs onto Arthur Rank, and lifts him up from the chair. Tau Ceti was a world that produced seven-feet tall killing machines, and Cabot explains that they attracted them here by creating a show out of the fact that he and Bucket were on Shutter Station. Apparently, Cabot traded himself for Rank. Terrified, Rank begs Cabot to let him come with him.

Cabot ultimately refuses, Terry telling Rank that they're 'going to have some fun' with him. Continuing to beg Cabot desperately, Bucket steps in. He wanders up to Rank, face-to-face, and he explains darkly what they are going to do to Rank, describing torture - stating that they will 'tear him [Rank] apart'. until Rank gives up everything he owns. He then adds on that they will feed Rank to their 'red lions', and that this death is fitting - to have Rank killed by the same people he sold his slaves to. Screaming and kicking, Rank is then carried off the station.

“You should have stayed arrested, Artie,” Cabot said, as Terry Conneght and his enforcer carried Arthur Rank, screaming, off the station.

A crowd had gathered to watch. They were now dispersing, leaving Cabot and Bucket alone.

“Remind me not to piss you off,” Cabot said.

“Do not piss me off,” Bucket said flatly. - Cabot and Bucket, Cabot's Story

After the crowd disperses, Cabot then addresses his robot partner, telling Bucket that they'll have to inform Laurie-Anne and Abby that they are coming. Bucket, however, has already done so, prompting Cabot to compliment Bucket, describing him as one hell of a partner. Upon informing Bucket that there is work for the Marshal service out in the Arm, Bucket becomes excited. Cabot tells the robot that there are likely to be a lot of bad people out there. Bucket simply states that he hopes it is so.

Abe's Story Edit

In a bar, Abdul Hamad - a confident man with a bounty - is speaking with three candid girls. Offering them to join him on a cruise flight, he's interrupted as he feels a gun against the back of his head. Lifting his hands up to his head in a surrender, Hamad quickly realizes that the three girls he was speaking with were in on it as they happily greet Abraham Presley, who is standing behind Hamad, two fingers against his head instead of a gun.

Hamad realizes his mistake outloud, Abe explaining that it isn't a good idea for him to pull out a gun in a bar in the first place. He orders Hamad to stand and come with him, grabbing him and yanking him out of his seat with ease. However, Hamad fights back - spinning around and pulling out a gun, pointing it at the bounty hunter, though he doesn't fire.

Confused, Abe questions his decision to do so briefly, before punching his arm and dismantling his gun by accident. Abe's shotgun now to his head, Hamad watches as Abe thanks the three girls, tossing them their pay, before turning back to Hamad.

“Now you,” Abe said, turning back to Hamad. “You’re a fast streak of shit, I’ll give you that. So in the unlikely scenario where you’re ever in a position to have a gun on your person AND you get the drop on someone AND that someone is me? My advice is: pull the goddamned trigger. The fuck you thought you were gonna do? Arrest me?” - Abe, Abe's Story

After complimenting Hamad on managing to avoid Abe for such a long time, Abe takes out some cuffs to restrain Hamad. When Hamad pees himself, Abe angrily shouts at him for doing so, annoyed that his ship is going to stink, only to be interrupted by none other than James Parnell, Cabot beside him.

Parnell and Abe briefly converse, Parnell seeming unsurprised at Abe's return to bounty hunting. Abe, jabbing back at Parnell, states that he had nothing to do while Parnell was getting drunk for six months at Matchstick Station.

“Back to chasing bounties, huh?” Parnell said.

The crowd inside the club was slowly going back to business as usual. The show appeared to be over. Only the three women Abe paid off were still watching.

“What else am I gonna do?” Abe said without rancor. “You and Johnnie Walker were having some kind of existential crisis on Matchstick Station. I can’t go back to Hub, so it’s this,” he said, jerking Hamad around by way of illustration. - Abe and Parnell, Abe's Story

Cabot, politely interrupting, asks Abe why he can't go back to Hub. A distrustful Abe asks Parnell immediately who Cabot is. Parnell states Cabot's name, confusing Abe, who wonders outloud why Parnell brought a cop with him. Correcting him, Cabot reassures he is no longer in that line of work and that the only reason he was able to find Abe was because his ship has 'certain resources', before repeating his question again.

Ignoring him once again, Parnell takes a step forward and informs Abe that Cabot is bringing together a group of planet tamers. Telling Abe that the planet they're going to is Shear and that the job includes a lot of money, Abe looks to Parnell for more of an explanation.

Parnell tells Abe that Cabot knew about the Sword, and wanted him to start over. Immediately stating that the Sword wasn't Parnell's fault, Abe asks his friend if he's already in, to which the latter confirms. Abe tosses Hamad to the girls for the bounty, as well as giving them the keys to his ship, having no hesitation to join the Crew knowing that Parnell had joined. After briefly discussing the room on Cabot's ship, Abe leaves, the two men following.

“Well you got a ship, right?” Abe said, pointing to Cabot.

“Ah, yeah but….”

“You got room for more than two?”

“Yeah,” Cabot said, looking a bit lost. “A lot more. What about….”

“Well then what the fuck are we standing around here for,” Abe said with real disgust. “Come on.”

Abe walked out of the bar.

Parnell looked down at Cabot. “Told you,” he said.

The two men followed the bounty hunter. - Abe, Cabot and Parnell, Abe's Story

Evacuation Edit

Evacuation is a gamemode in Legacy Evolve. Serving as a primary campaign mode, the first batch of Hunters attempt to evac the whole colony after William Cabot collects a group of Hunters equipped to eliminate the Monster threat. Despite having only five days to evacuate colonists, the Hunters win against the Monster threat temporarily, giving the evacuation ship time to leave.

However, the Hunters stay on their own will in hopes of exterminating the Monsters to the point of extinction.

The Hunters that are known in this time period are:

Tier-4 Edit

The Tier-4 Hunters are composed of Alex Slim, Sunny Yu, Khovalyg Crow and Torvald Stavig.

Slim Edit

After Basilisk's Soldiers became illegal, Slim (real name Alex) fled to the Far Arm where he could not be found. Ending up on Shear and adapting to the wildlife's presence, the bug-man settled in on the dangerous planet. However, after tracking a Goliath solo, Slim eventually met up with Khovalyg 'Crow' who had been tagging him the past couple of days as well. The two got along well and made the agreement that they were both looking for Cabot's group.

Sunny Edit

Returning from the destruction of The Sword, Sunny Yu came to Shear to become a Planet Tamer and find Abe and Parnell. Instead, she found Torvald's legs damaged and ripped off. She gave him the benefit of the doubt and fixed his legs. Realizing the two had a common goal, they partnered up (despite Torvald's opinion of Sunny) in order to find The Crew.

Crow Edit

Crow, real name Khovalyg, initially worked in Survey and came to Shear to retire and be alone. Once the Monsters invaded, Crow solo hunted a wounded Goliath. He ran into Slim during this hunt, finding him strange and wanting to figure out what he was. Tagging him for three days, the two eventually introduced themselves after Slim told him he knew he had been following him. Crow and Slim lived together while they searched for Cabot's group, and eliminated the wounded Goliath along the way.

Torvald Edit

Coming from the destroyed Ajax, Torvald Stavig is filled with hate for the Monsters and came to Shear to hunt them with The Crew. From unexplained consequences, Sunny came across Torvald, whose robotic legs had been damaged and torn off. Sunny fixed him up and the two admitted who they were looking for. Teaming up, the two searched Shear for the Planet Tamers.

Slim, Sunny, Crow and Torvald all eventually met up and arrived at the Laurie-Anne as an entire team of Hunters. As anticipated, the four were accepted into The Crew.

Tier-5 Edit

The Tier-5 Hunters are composed of E.M.E.T., Kala Kupor, Jack Lennox and Ida Lennox.

E.M.E.T. Edit

Emet was discovered on Shear by Jack in his scrapyard and had a faulty Demon Core implanted in order to help him fight Monsters and heal. According to Cabot, Emet and Jack seemed like "a package deal" and thus were accepted into the Crew. At this time, no information has been revealed about Emet's past or why he was discarded.

Kala Edit

Kala Kapur was originally a scientist that worked on the Akanhaten (unbeknownst to her), a secret scientific research frigate, known to many as a myth. Kala was initially brought in for a meeting and revealed to her pictures of the Monsters, including Kraken, Wraith, Goliath, Behemoth, Gorgon, and two other unnanounced Monsters. Upon being told how the Monsters were capable of differentiating classes (Medic, Support, etc.) she independently volunteered to test a theory, which involved injecting herself with Monster HNA. Coming to Shear in hopes of finding more evidence, Cabot accepted her solely because he too wanted to know about the Monsters, despite The Crew's constant attempts to persuade him to make Kala leave in fear of her growing madness.

Jack Edit

Jack, real name James Arthur Lennox[1], was born on Shear, and thus has adapted to it's harsh environment. Creating and upgrading his gear from the nearby scrapyard, Jack eventually met up with Emet who he befriended and gave him a Demon Core to boost his fighting capabilities along with being able to heal his teammates. Jack created an heroine alias that he called 'The Jackal', as he enjoyed the correlation with his own name, and it is much assumed to have been made boost his own confidence and, additionally, as a coping mechanism. Soon after, Jack joined The Crew with Emet and his mother, Ida Lennox. Not much else is known about Jack's life on Shear before the Evacuation.

Lennox Edit

Ida Lennox colonized, designed and lived on Shear. After the Monster threat came to light, Lennox wanted to exterminate them and as a result, Lennox created a fully operational, Monster-slaying machine that she called the Thunderchild, and joined up with Cabot's group. There is unfortunately not a lot of information about Lennox's past before the Monsters except for her contribution to Shear. Lennox is Jack's mother, but has been described to be a neglectful one which would explain her absence.

At this point, the condition of Shear has worsened with the threat of Monsters. These four Hunters were accepted into Cabot's group for the fight for Shear.

Variants Edit

The following section revolves around the time periods, or variant maps and characters that were introduced in Stage 2 but unfortunately unfinished. Information has been collected from a variety of sources to piece together a comprehensive 'story' for each variant.

Deceased: Character is dead or dies.

Alive: Character is alive or lives.

Presumed: Character's fate has not been directly confirmed.

Fictional: Character does not exist, but still has a role in the lore.

Phantom Wraith Edit

At some point, the Wraith Trap becomes unstable. The Hunters venture to it to try and contain the Phantom Wraith, but she inevitably breaks out. The impending explosion kills Caira and many others. Phantom Wraith, with her ability to teleport anywhere with rifts, eventually makes her way to other planets. Blitz Markov, Rogue Val, and Tech Sgt. Hank follow the Phantom Wraith to kill her. It's assumed that they either do so or perish in battle. This incident causes the Cataclysm on Shear.

Characters Involved Edit

  • Caira (Deceased)
  • Torvald (Deceased)
  • Lennox (Deceased)
  • Bucket's Chassis (Alive)
  • Griffin (Deceased)

The Cataclysm Edit

After undetermined time following the Phantom Wraith incident, the Cataclysm occurs, with most of the Hunters almost completely being wiped out. Air becomes toxic as meteors fall from the sky and destroy most of Shear's surface. Survivors are forced to wear gas masks.

Renegade Abe Cataclysm

Official Art of Renegade Abe in the Cataclysm Era

Abe, driven mad by Caira's death, rein-visions himself as Renegade Abe. In order to help Emet survive, Bucket takes over Emet's Chassis. He nearly dies from this procedure, but does end up surviving. However it is assumed that Emet does die during the Cataclysm, although this has not been directly confirmed. Maggie decides to give Daisy a portable flamethrower on her back, likely a second thought from one of Hyde's suggestions. A Goliath is assumed to have adapted from the Cataclysm's harsh effects and becomes Meteor Goliath. Many Hunters are killed from this adaption. Lazarus' glove becomes faulty and instead "zombify" his teammates, it is assumed he also dies here.

Kala also escapes from the Crew sometime during this point as she senses that her transformation is close.

Characters Involved Edit

  • Emet (Deceased - presumed)
  • Crow (Deceased - presumed)

Overpowered Edit

This time period does not actually exist, but envisions Shear when the wildlife has even become stronger and most are Albino's. A few deceased Hunters (such as Griffin, Caira, Torvald and Bucket) are re-imagined as Electro Griffin, Quantum Caira, and Captain Bucket by Hub to inspire them. However, these adaptions aren't real and are just propaganda to ensure the rest of humanity that everything will be fine. This is why their designs are extremely high-tech and colorful.

Evolve Stage 2 QuantumCaira

Official Art of Quantum Caira in the Overpowered Era

Elder Kraken also exists in this Time Period.

Characters Involved Edit

Deepest Dark Edit


Rough concept art of Kali

Five years[2] after the initial Cataclysm event, Deepest Dark occurs when Shear has been completely overtaken by the Monsters. A few Hunters barely remain and the strongest Monsters, such as the Gorgon Queen, breed extensively, only furthering the destruction of the Planet. Additionally, Kala has completely transformed into her Monster variant. Notes left around by the crazed Kala are found by Hyde later on. These notes contain extensive research by Kala, in her last sane hopes of helping the Hunters stop the Monsters.

Her mere presence infects anything on Shear, making it easier for Monsters to breed. This infection also affects Slim, Hyde and Jack, who are hereby referred to as Mutants. Hyde fights with the two to close up the Monster's weak-points, one of them being the Gorgon Queen, which is causing the infestation of Gorgon's and Gorgon Guards.


A more detailed concept for Kali


Savage Slim

Slim, after becoming infected, is transformed into an Assault. Slim's mutation is by far the worst out of the Mutants, shown right. He becomes grossly aggressively taller and stronger. The extensiveness of Jack's mutation is unknown, but he at one point 'messes around' with the wrong tech - ultimately combining some of his own molecules into dangerous technology[3]. Hyde takes Daisy with her, and becomes Hellfire Hyde - an even more powerful Assault. He was planned to have worn a mask to cover up his growing infection.



Jack and Slim presumably perish during this time period, although it is not directly confirmed. It's assumed they died fighting the Gorgon Queen.

Characters Involved Edit

  • Savage Slim [Assault] (Deceased - presumed)
  • Super Jack [Support] (Deceased - presumed)
  • Necro Lazarus (?) (Deceased - presumed)
  • Hellfire Hyde [Assault] (Alive)
  • Daisy (Alive)
  • Kali [Monster] (Alive)

Extinction Edit

Paladin parnell extinction

Official Art of Paladin Parnell in the Extinction Era

Extinction is the last and final Time Period of the Evolve universe. War Bucket, Hellfire Hyde, and Sunny (having recreated Lennox's suit to fight in) use Kali to travel to the Monster's dimension using Kali, delivering the final blow. Kali meets her end here, as well as the rest of the Hunters. The Monster attacks end from this invasion.

Characters Involved Edit

  • Unnamed Sunny Adaption [Assault] (Deceased)
  • War-Bucket [Assault] (Deceased - presumed)
  • Paladin Parnell [Medic] (Deceased)
  • Glacial Behemoth [Monster] (Deceased)
  • Hellfire Hyde [Assault] (Alive)
  • Daisy (Alive)

Notes Edit

  • With the release of Stage 2, the future in the lore of the game increased with the addition of map and character adaptions. Before Stage 2, the story was halted at Evacuation, or Tier 5 if you consider the conversations a continuation of the story.
  • Unfortunately, since development on Stage 2 and Evolve in general has ceased, most information regarding the adaptions is either unconfirmed or unfinished.

References Edit

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