Orbital drill map

The Orbital Drill is a map in Evolve. It was revealed at Gamescom 2014.

Biome Type - Acid

Objective - Power Relay

Modes - Rescue, Hunt, Nest


The environment is polluted with acid pools through out across the map. Heavy rains will limit visability and will erase tracks over a short period of time so hunters will need to move and track quickly. The terrain is covered with large boulders and rock pillars, giving the monster plenty of places to hide higher up. Hunters will need to use extreme caution while climbing the rocks near the pools because one swipe by Goliath, and the hunter could find themselves in an acidic grave. One well placed mine, and the monster could find themselves in the same grave.  The power relay itself is located in a small room that can be tough for a monster to manuver in. The hunters could use the confined area of the power relay to their advantage, setting traps and making entry as difficult as possible for the monster. 


Maximum Elites: 5