Distillery map

The Distillery is a map in Evolve. It was revealed at Gamescom 2014.


This map is covered in ice and snow and can feature the snow weather effect that reduces visibility on the Monster. Two buildings and a large cave network provide cover from above, while a river and beachside provide ways to hide footprints without sneaking and make revival difficult for the hunters. The power relay is a wide circular platform with a small truck for cover; stone pillars surround the area to provide perches for the hunters.


The Distillery is home to

Maximum Harpy Chance: 90%

Maximum Elites: 7

Evacuation Mode Edit

In evacution mode winning or losing can add effects that affect the next game played depending on the team that won

Hunter victory: Edit

Monster victory: Edit

Chemicals enter the water supply making all wildlife more dangerous and aggressive to the hunters