Announced on December 18th, 2014, Solo Mode is an offline feature of Evolve allowing players to pick any character and any map and play vs AI. Turtle Rock Studio's Chris Ashton states that having a solo mode was always part of the plan. “Playing Evolve competitively, against other players online, can be a lot of pressure. We wanted to make sure anyone could play the whole game, including Evacuation, alone with or against the AI and it’s still fun.”

Ashton points out that solo mode opens up some cool opportunities such as choosing your specific bot opponents and having full control over what missions you play in Evacuation, but there is something undeniably cool about bot swapping. If you’re playing on an Xbox One, for example, the D-pad is your quick-select. Tap in one of four directions and you’re instantly in control of a different Hunter.

Go on and set the traps, then switch over to Assault to press the attack. Then jump into Hank’s shoes and shield the medic. Beyond that, no more waiting for someone to come save you from the jaws of a MegaMouth (or some carnivorous plant you accidentally walked into). And no more sitting by, spectating, while waiting on the drop ship. It’s all you.

One tip from Ashton: “Evacuation is probably where you want to spend most of your time unless you want to practice specific modes…and never forget that when you are a Hunter, you can take over any of your bot teammates at any time.”