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This is the page containing in-game quotes from the character Slim. If you are looking for the character itself, please redirect yourself here.

Slim/Quotes Edit

When spotting Monster with Waypoints Edit

  • Got it! Right there!
  • Think I've got 'em. Let's see.
  • I'm telling you, it's right there!
  • We are watching it, but it is not watching us.
  • See it? No way it knows we're here.
  • Ah come on, this is too easy.

When the monster alerts birds Edit

  • Birds over there, we are on.
  • Birds! It's over there!
  • Birds! Who needs trackers?

When spotting tracks Edit

  • Here we go. On the clock.
  • I got 'em. I'm on tracks!
  • Got tracks, let's go.
  • Tracks here! Can you guys see these? Oh right, you got the contacts. Good.
  • Here they are. Tracks!
  • This way, I can feel it.
  • Got tracks!
  • See it? No way it knows we're here.
  • Nope, didn't lose 'em. They're right here.
  • Tracks! Follow me!
  • Heading right for the Monster. [Heh] Guess I never learn.
  • Tracks! On 'em.
  • I'm on the trail.
  • Ok, I got tracks.
  • Tracks!
  • Everyone follow the bug man!
  • Tracks! Time to get to work!

Doming Monster Edit

  • Got him trapped! Now take him down!
  • You bagged it!
  • Bam, nailed it! Best trapper in the Arm!

Siphoning Monster's health Edit

  • You've got so much health! And I want it all!
  • More damage, more healing! Beat that!
  • Don't mind me, just stealing your life!

Getting through Monster's armor Edit

  • We're through it's armor, stay on it! Stay on it! Don't let it get away!
  • Attack!
  • Do not give up! We've got it's armor!
  • Monster's outta armor! Keep up the fight!
  • That was your armor, gone! Next, your blood!
  • The longer you fight, the stronger we get!
  • Monster's outta armor! Keep up the fight!

Firing on Monster Edit

  • What is this, Stage one? Come on.
  • Stage two, not enough!
  • You ain't the only monsters on this world!

Goliath Edit

  • [Fire Breath] Fire! Goddamn!
    • Fire! Move!
  • [Rock Throw] Heads up!
    • Did it just pull a huge rock outta the ground? Yes it did.
  • You're big, Goliath! Just big enough!
  • Come on Goliath! Let's go!
  • Goliath, right here! We're on the clock!

Wraith Edit

  • Wraith! You'll die like all the rest!
  • Come on, Wraith! What'cha got? Show me!
  • You think you got this, Wraith? Let's go!

Kraken Edit

  • Kraken!
  • Watch out! Lighting!
  • Where's your lightning, Kraken!? Oh there it is.
  • Come on Kraken you son of a bitch!

Gorgon Edit

  • [Being trapped in Spider Trap] Somebody! Help!
    • Shoot this damn thing!
    • Ow! *Ungh*... oh you... *oof* shoot this stupid thing!
    • Ow, goddammit! Someone shoot this thing!
    • Hey! *argh* Your medic is being *ungh* eaten! Help!
    • Oh, what the shit?! *ungh* Get this thing off me!

Behemoth Edit

  • One of us dies now, Behemoth!
  • [Tongue Grab] It's looking to nab someone.
  • [Rock Wall] Wall's gone, come on!
    • Wall's down!
  • [Fissure] Whatever it's doing, dodge!

Monster evolves - Edit

Stage 2: Edit

  • Stage 2, now things get interesting.
  • Well, it's bigger now. Outta be easier to see.
  • Stage 2, whatever.
  • Nah we still got this. Ain't big enough to be afraid of yet!

Healing is ready Edit

  • Healing field's ready. You hear that? Means get your butts over here.
  • Healing field ready, standby.
  • Healing field is online!
  • Ok, healing is charged up!

Healing teammates Edit

  • Boom, healing! You need more, I'll get you next time around.
  • You're healed! Don't thank me. Well, you can thank me a little.
  • Boom! Little pick-me-up from your bug-man!
  • Feel better? [Yeah, well] That was me. You're welcome.
  • There you go! You like that?
  • Healed! More where that came from.

Healing bug Edit

  • Bzz, bzz!
  • Don't let me down, bug.
  • You know your job. Keep 'em alive.
  • We win this one, I got a little insect treat for you.
  • Go on, keep that one alive while I work.
  • You ready to go?
  • You're my secret weapon, go do your job.
  • Go get 'em little guy.
  • Bug in the air!

Carnivorous Plant Edit

  • Man-eating plant! Watch yourself!
  • Woah! Hah! Plant almost got me.

Wildlife Edit

  • Crowbill! Thing will carve you up.
    • Sloth! Looks like a dude in a crowbill suit. Creepy.
  • Got a Mammoth bird here!
  • Reavers! Sigh.
  • Top of the foodchain? Not anymore.
  • Too many predators on this planet.
  • Sorry predator, we don't like the competition.
  • Oh Jesus! Dune beetle!
  • Armadon, I guess.
  • Got a Megamouth here!
    • Thing almost got me.
      • Rock! As far as you know!
        • Haha. Megamouth! Love these things.

Elite Wildlife Edit

  • Killin' an albino. No one's gonna miss it.
  • Albino!
  • Let's see what you got, albino!
  • Oh that thing is going down.
  • Got an albino here.
  • Albino! Valuable to man and beast.
  • Sorry albino, we gotta kill you.

When fallen Edit

  • Ungh! Medic down!
  • I'm down! Dammit, I'm on my ass!
  • I'm down! *ungh* I'm bleeding out!
  • I'm hit! I'm down!
  • Goddammit, I'm missing the fight!
  • It got me, I'm down!
  • Oof! God, shit! I'm down! I'm hurt!
  • Help!
  • Someone get me up! Dammit, get me up!
  • Hey! Hey, I need some help!

Being revived Edit

  • Thanks. I'm a popular guy all of a sudden.
  • [Daisy] Hey girl! You come to save me? Nice.

Teammates falling Edit

  • That was the Assault! We're screwed!

Cabot's Damage Amp Edit

  • You seeing this Cabot? Damn that gun of yours is useful.
  • Man Cabot, we are a scary team!
  • Haha. Leech gun and damage amp! Terrifying combo!
  • You might be a hard-ass, Cabot, but you got some useful tech, I will give you that.

Parnell's Super Solider Edit

  • Goddammit Parnell, I got enough on my plate without you doing the Monster's job for it!
  • Team don't have enough medics for that stupid suit.

Winning line Edit

  • You shoulda brought more monsters, asshole.
  • Some monster.