The Planet Shear

The planet Shear, with the hunters' ship The Laurie Ann in the foreground.

Shear is a mysterious colony planet in the Far Arm of the galaxy, and the setting for Evolve. Several years into the colonies development, hostile Monsters emerged and devastated the colony, causing the desperate colonists to hire an elite team of Hunters to assist with evacuation.[1]


Established in 2329, Shear is a resource heavy planet that is currently in the process of colonization. The planet, which has been outfitted with power generation, dams, and food production facilities, is populated largely by aggressive wildlife which has resisted attempts at human settlement. Sometimes known as the Jewel of the Arm, It became the most valuable colony in the Far Arm due to its high levels of Bohrium.


The most earthlike planet yet discovered in the Far Arm, Shear is host to diverse climates, including jungles, deserts, and snowy regions (and possibly tropical or under water locations). See Biome for more info. Several regions are also populated by human activity. Shear has a stronger magnetic field than Earth, allowing the evolution of bioelectric organisms.



There are 18 maps currently available currently in Evolve, more maps will be added via patches in the future. Maps marked with an asterisk are currently implemented in Evolve Stage 2.


  • Shear possesses four moons, though the fourth is only visible after Day 4 of Evacuation..

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