Rescue Mode is a game mode of Evolve centered around rescuing - or killing - survivors of the destruction of Shear colony. It is available as a custom mode or as an option in Evacuation.

Goals Edit

The Monster wins the game when he kills five survivors or eliminates all Hunters before reinforcements arrive.

The hunters win the game when they escort five survivors to the dropship, or kill the Monster.

Gameplay Edit

There are three waves of survivor rounds. The first two waves spawn two survivors each, closely grouped together in an incapacitated state. Hunters must revive the survivors, then escort them to a beacon which will activate after a short period of time. Once the beacon is active, the survivors will walk into it and be teleported onto the dropship, at which point a new wave will spawn. Regardless of who falls behind, the third wave contains five survivors - enough to end the game one way or the other.

If a monster kills a survivor and that survivor is revived by Lazarus, it is subtracted from the monsters score until killed again.

Revived survivors have small arms and will engage the monster in combat if attacked, adding valuable DPS to the team.

Strategy and Tips Edit

Hunters Edit

  • Lazarus and Slim both shine in this mode - Lazarus for his ability to revive survivors both from the dead and without strikes, and Slim for his ability to place a healing bug on a downed survivor and revive it at a distance.
  • While they follow you like any other NPC companions, Survivors will automatically head for the evacuation point once the dropship has arrived. Keep the monster busy at this point - if you can lock it in a mobile arena with the Survivors outside, you guarantee their safe evacuation.
  • Punish the monster for damaging incapped survivors instead of you.

Monsters Edit

  • Survivors are easier targets than hunters.
  • It's acceptable to let one or two survivors slip in the first wave in order to stock up on armor and be better prepared for a fight. Lose all four, and you're in for a world of trouble.
  • Killing the medic, especially Lazarus, can be a huge boon to you.
  • Like hunters, Survivors gain strikes. Kill them enough times, and they'll stay down without a Lazarus to revive them.


Evolve Rescue Gameplay (Val)

Evolve Rescue Gameplay (Val)

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Evolve Tutorial Rescue

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