Rendering plant map

Rendering Plant is a map in the game Evolve.

Biome Type - Acid

Modes - Hunt/Rescue/Nest


A central choke-point gives Hunters plenty of vantage points to distract and attack a Monster meandering through the Rendering Plant. Monsters, of course, can still get a lucky pick-off and kill someone alone, but they’re at risk of taking damage in the open unless they escape to the rocky pillars and tall grass across the way -- particularly good hiding spots from the blinding daylight that gives Hunters high visibility.

Like Orbital Drill, Rendering Plant is another acidic map -- rather than having a few smaller pockets of acid pools, this one has a larger space where Hunters can delicately hop rock to rock to stay above water, or get swatted out of the air and drown in the burning acid.

The reward for winning as monster in evacuation on this map is extra striders, meaning extra food.

For winning as hunters in evacuation on this map, you get colonists to help you.


The creatures on this map include:

Maximum Elites: 6