The Mutagen Wars were a series of devastating conflicts between Sol Hub (the human government centered on Earth) and rebels of Bode's World. The rebels employed biotechnology to make themselves more effective on the field of battle, created genetically-modified humans known as "Basilisk Soldiers".

First Mutagen WarEdit

Little is known about the first Mutagen War, other than the existence of Generation One Basilisk Soldiers. Every conversation implies they were near indestructible, and that "The bullets would bounce right off."

In response to the Gen One soldiers, the Chemtrooper division was created to melt their seemingly impenetrable organic armor, and Hyde was among their ranks, apparently solely for the pleasure of melting faces </span>he was also the only ChemTrooper who chose to not wear a filter mask. The Lazarus Men were also created at this time, though they were later declared illegal after the war.

However, the Gen One process wasn't without its flaws. It wasn't perfected technology at the time, and most gen one's were prone to insanity. As a result, Slim and Torvald imply that there were unpleasant side effects to their creation, with Slim flat-out stating "that shit didn't work". The fact that this seems to have been a common practice during the war implies that the rebels were incredibly desperate. Torvald also claims that an unknown Gen One soldier he knew went insane, and it's said that this was distressingly common. 

Second Mutagen WarEdit

Nothing is known about this period at present, though it can be presumed that the mutageneticists of the War continued to advance, and hopefully stopped making Gen Ones.

Third Mutagen WarEdit

At this point, the rebels of Bode's World perfected the technology, and commenced modifying soldiers into insect-human hybrids (such as Slim) and creating organic technology such as Slim's leech gun. However, it wasn't enough to win the war, and most (if not all) of Slim's comrades were executed. At the end of the war, being a Basilisk Soldier was declared illegal.