The Megamouth is a giant, toad-like wildlife creature in Evolve. The Megamouth is found on The Dam, Wraith Trap and most other maps. It is capable of pouncing on Hunters, and is fully capable of killing pinned Hunters if it is not killed first. 

Megamouths tends to spawn near shrubs and boulders and lies in a sleep-like state which could cause a careless Hunter to miss it sitting among the rocks. Like sharks, Megamouths have three rows of teeth.

The Megamouth is covered in greyish armored scutes that give it a rocky, pebbled appearance, allowing it to easily camouflage with rocks and shrubbery. This, paired with its habit of sitting still until prey wanders by, makes it a prevalent problem for Hunters as they traverse the map. A Megamouth will chomp and toss a pinned Hunter, dealing damage until the Hunter is either saved or killed. If the Hunter's teammates fail to react in time, the Megamouth will devour the helpless Hunter, where he/she will be killed and beyond revival. If the Hunters manage to kill the Megamouth before that happens, the pinned Hunter is released in an incapacitated state, where he/she has to be helped up by another teammate. The Megamouth will give 3 meats to the Monster if it is eaten, but it is fully capable of putting up a fight against a Stage 1 Monster. Even in the later stages, it does enough damage to make attacking it while low on armor an unattractive prospect.

If one happens to come across the Megamouth, then the best way of eliminating it is by using fire.

Stats Edit

  • Meats: 3-4
  • 1500 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 9
  • Hunter Damage Bonus: 1x
  • Automatically attacks at: 8 meters
  • Withdraws from enemies at: 30 meters
  • Attitude toward monster: Attacks monsters at stages 1 and 2, is afraid of monster at stage 3.
  • Attacks:
    • Melee Attack: 300
    • Pounce Attack: 175 per tick
  • Elite Differences:
    • 2000 hp

Buffs Edit

Monster: 50% Bonus pounce damage.

Hunters: 20% Faster class ability recharge.

This buff lasts 5 minutes.

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Evolve - Inside Look -- New Hunters & New Gameplay-2