Beginning of a round Edit

  • "Just another job."

[from a conversation with Val]

Maggie: Factor was a rough colony. Violent. Once I had Ruva here, NO ONE wanted to mess with ME.
Val: It's sorta nice. She probably would have spent here whole life barking at people. Now she gets to hunt. Really be part of a pack. You can tell she likes it.
Maggie: Yeah, I never thought about that. Whatever else, this isn't boring.
[from a conversation with Parnell]
Parnell: Man, I forget how big Daisy is.
Maggie: Ruva was the runt of the litter.
Parnell: The runt! She's huge! you could put a saddle on her and ride her around!
Maggie: I don't think that would be a good idea.

Gameplay Edit

While Incapacitated Edit

  • "Guys? I am being...very slowly...digested."
  • "Help me up! Help me up!"
  • "I need help! I'm down!"
  • "I'm bleeding!"

Using Harpoon Traps Edit

  • "Harpoon traps ready!"
  • "Trap on the ground!"
  • "Traps ready, stand by."
  • "Trap's ready. Let's find a good place to fight."

Deploying Mobile Arena Edit

  • "Arena up! Cross your fingers!"
  • "Here goes the arena!"
  • "Trapping the Monster! Arena up!"

Mobile Arena is going down Edit

  • "Arena comin' down!"
  • "It's gonna get away!"

When the Monster startles birds Edit

  • "See that? The birds know."