Map effects are influences that can benefit the monster or the hunters these include the spawn of rate of certain creatures or what the maps weather is.

Effects can be accessed by the conclusion of a match in evacuation mode or added in whilst setting up a custom match.

None Edit

Map will have no effects.

Available on: All maps

Attack Drones Edit

Attack Drones
The map will have drones that shoot and spot the monster.

Available on: The Dam, Wraith Trap

Birds Edit


More birds will spawn, making it easier for the hunters to find the monster.

Available on: The Fusion Plant , Medlab, Refueling Tower , Weather Control Tower, The Distillery

Affect comes from winning aviary as hunter in evacuation

Canyon Striders Edit

Canyon Striders

Increases the spawn rate of Canyon Striders allowing the monster to eat more easily.

Available on: The Orbital Drill , Refueling Tower , The Dam, Wraith Trap, Barracks,

EbonStar AllyEdit

A EbonStar soldier will tag along with the hunters and offer cover fire.

Available on:


A group of colonists will tag along with the hunters and offer cover fire


Occasional earthquakes will cause birds to become spooked from time to time, making it harder for the hunters to track the monster.

EbonStar CorpsesEdit

Piles of dead EbonStar soldiers will spawn on the selected map, it offers more health and armor than normal prey for the monster.


Clouds of poisonous gas linger around the map that deals damage to hunters within proximity of the gas cloud.

Second MonsterEdit

A Goliath Minion will follow and protect the monster


Introduces more Hostile Wildlife in the selected map

Phantoms target the Hunters from atop and deal some serious damage. Whenever you see something gigantic looming over, take out your weapon and start shooting to avoid taking some serious damage.

affect comes from winning aviary as monster


Medbays are scattered around the map that will fully restore health for the hunters when interacted with as well as remove any strikes from recent incapacitation.

Sentry GunsEdit

Automated machine gun emplacements that will defend from monster attacks.