The Laurie Ann

The Laurie Ann drop ship

Laurie-Anne is the name of the drop ship used by the hunters to land on the planet Shear, as well as the name of William Cabot's deceased wife. It belongs to Cabot, and according to Lennox is almost forty years old. It has enough berths for at least twenty people, considering Cabot's mention of Hunters needing to sleep in shifts if the team takes on any more recruits. It also has four showers.

The hunters start aboard the Laurie-Anne during every hunt, giving the monster a head-start as they arrive on scene and drop in. After depositing the hunters, the Laurie-Anne operates in high orbit, returning near to the surface to deposit respawning hunters. When a hunter or Daisy dies, the Laurie-Anne starts a two minute timer to the next drop, followed by a drop animation of approximately thirty seconds. Any hunters who died before the timer reaches zero spawn aboard the dropship, provided the game has not been lost.

Cabot on dropship bridge

The bridge of the Laurie Ann

The ship is not equipped with a Patterson Drive for FTL travel, and was brought into the Shear system aboard a larger vessel. Following the evacuation of Shear, Cabot and crew attempt to recover a drive to retrofit the vessel to escape the system.

Laurie-Anne CabotEdit

The ship is named for Laurie-Anne Cabot, the wife of William Cabot. She died of an intestinal parasite. Complications arose from a misdiagnosis from an AutoDoc, and Cabot's decision to move out to the Far Arm placed them farther from civilization where she likely could have been properly treated. Her father was a part of the Sol Guard Air Agency and was presumably a Hellfighter.



  • A conversation between Hyde and Bucket reveals that the dropship was named after Cabot's wife.
  • In earlier builds of the game, the Laurie-Anne was more important, allowing Hunters to resupply and pick up ammo. This was eventually dropped in favor of a more streamlined experience, with the hunters being given essentially infinite ammo.