The Host is a cancelled-but-canon Monster in the Evolve universe. The Monster is shown in archive footage from early development but was scrapped due to gameplay and CryEngine limitations.

On October 12th 2015 and on the 26th, in a forum thread on TurtleRock's official forum, senior writer Matthew confirmed that the Host is a separate canon monster from the Gorgon and that it contributed to the fall of Factor, together with Behemoth.

Biology Edit

Host is a parasitic Queen. She's a monster who can launch through the air and stand on the edges of the battlefield while her minions fight for their Queen, until she is ready to eat you or turn you into one of her parasitic minions.

The Host moves slightly slower than Goliath but still faster than Behemoth. It is a hideous creature that lurks with four legs and has two usable arms as well as having an unresponsive parasitic arm on its left side. However it's most distinctive feature is it's giant vertical mouth full of needle-like teeth, that allows the Host to eat it's unfortunate prey just like a Venus fly trap. The mouth runs from where the Host' head end and goes down all the way from its abdomen to it's groin.

The Host has many parasites eggs on it's back, this is where they are grown before the parasites are mature and ready to be used.

It's silhouette is very similar to that of the many surrounding trees of Prototype Shear, helping it blend into the surroundings. Making it a very good monster at ambushing naive hunters who may not be aware of the Host's presence.

The Host can launch up into the air and levitate (just like Kraken), but for a shorter and slower amount. Launching requires The Host to have the Wasp Parasite in it's ability set to have access to the ability and the Wasp to be loaded on it's back.

Movement Edit

The Host moves around with it's pointy three back legs, in a monstrous like motion while it's arms dangle and sway, parasites that are high on it's body rock side to side in the wind as she moves through terrain. One leg have a large mutated dewclaw, giving an illusion of four legs.

The Host can fly into the air and hover for a short amount time by using her Wasp Parasite, allowing the monster to easily get over terrain or even as a way to juke over the hunters as they fend off her vicious parasites. This is would make the Wasp Parasite a mobile ability putting their attack on a cool down during\after the use of flying.

Abilities Edit

Berserker ParasiteEdit

Basic crawlers. The "soldiers" of the group, they run straight for the target and attack.

Bomber Parasite Edit

They run up to a target and explode when near a target.

Mines Parasite Edit

Burrow in the ground and self detonate. 60 second lifespan.

Slayer Parasite Edit

Egg layer. The slayer parasite attaches to the target and impregnates them with an egg that later hatches, dealing damage and, if not healed in time, spawns another slayer parasite.

Tanks Parasite Edit

Heavily armored crawlers. They move slow but have a lot of armor and cannot be knocked down, Can also provide the Host with protection, absorbing damage while docked.

Wasp Parasite Edit

These fast moving winged parasite can fly over obstacles. They can also carry the Host into the air while docked.

The Ability AbundanceEdit

This is the only monster shown to have more than four abilities. It is unknown if you chose which four parasites, or get all six because how early on the Host was scrapped.

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Early Prototype footage of the Host

Early Prototype footage of the Host

Trivia Edit

  • The Host was the very first monster to be created for Evolve but was scrapped in favor of Goliath, Kraken and Wraith, and also due to the limitations of Crytechs's engine.
  • This is the original but now third monster to fly along with Kraken and Elder Kraken.
  • It's also the only revealed scrapped monster so far.