The Gorgon is the fifth Monster introduced in Evolve. It is available as part of Hunting Season Pass 2.


Gorgon is a devious, hideous killer who enjoys watching her prey struggle. Her ranged attacks can deal damage over time and are menacing when focused on a single Hunter. Traversing across the map quickly with her Web Sling, Gorgon can also stick to walls and hide or rain down attacks from above

The Gorgon appears to show human-like characteristics as well as insectoid ones; its upper half resembles a humanoid torso with a small round head which contains a mandible-filled mouth that opens vertically. Much like the Behemoth, it has multiple eyes of differing sizes spaced unevenly across its head. In addition to two large arms for grasping, it has two smaller arms with razor-sharp claws underneath its ribcage for ripping dead prey into pieces for feeding.

From the waist downwards, she has a bulbous, spider-like abdomen which ends in a three-pronged stinger-like feature. In between its abdomen and torso are two long, four-jointed legs that end in three long clawed toes.

Crawling all over the Gorgon's abdomen are small pale worm-like creatures. They are incubated inside the Gorgon's abdomen, although it is as yet unknown what purpose they serve. Further confusing the matter is the fact that the Gorgon has been observed plucking them off its body and eating them. Her abdomen also glows increasingly as she evolves.


Web SnareEdit

Gorgon launches a blast of webbing, impairing jetpack effectiveness of Hunters by 50% and applying a DoT poison effect to its targets. Can be used while clinging to a wall.

  • Damage: 400/400/440
  • Radius: 2/3/4
  • Speed: 20/25/32.5 meters per second
  • Duration of webbing: 4 seconds
  • Knockback: 12/13/14
  • Damage over time: 100/100/110
  • Projectile Lifetime 4/5/6
  • Slow: 16.66%
  • Jetpack Reduction: 50%
  • Cooldown: 8/6/6 seconds

Spider TrapEdit

Gorgon launches an egg sac that when it comes into contact with the ground will hatch into a small minion that burrows into the ground and waits to ambush Hunters. It acts like a mobile plant, snatching a hunter and fleeing the area. Can be used while clinging to a wall.

  • Total damage: 598/598/657
  • Attack cone: 60 degrees
  • Leash range: 39 meters
  • Duration of hold: 3 seconds
  • Detection Range: 10/12.5/16
  • Health: 150/187/187
  • Damage per second: 133/133/146 (only ticks on 2nd/3rd second)
  • Initial Damage: 332/398/398
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds

Acid SpitEdit

Gorgon spits acid that damages any targets inside the affected area. The acid can coat walls and floors alike and remains on the ground for several seconds. Can be used while clinging to a wall.

  • Total Possible Damage: 789/789/867
  • Spawn Radius: 8/10/12
  • Puddle count 16/25/36
  • Minimum spit radius 2/3/4
  • Maximum spit radius 6/8/8
  • Spit Damage Total 390/390/429
  • Pool Radius 1.6/2/2.6
  • Pool duration 3/3/3
  • 133/133/146 Pool Damage Per Second
  • 50% Spit Damage Reduction versus wildlife (pool damage is not reduced)
  • 9/7/7 second cooldown


The Gorgon creates a controllable, acidic copy of itself that can traverse as normal. If not killed, the copy detonates in a massive AoE splash after pressing the ability button again. While the mimic is deployed, the Gorgon is motionless and vulnerable. Taking damage will end the ability early.

  • Damage: 742/742/816
  • Mimic Health: 320/400/520
  • Radius: 5/6.2/8 meters
  • Knockback: 20
  • Delay before manual detonation allowed: 2 seconds
  • Delay after detonation: 1 second
  • Breaks at: 200 damage to Gorgon
  • 32 self damage per second
  • Cooldown: 12/9/9 seconds
  • Mimic can Melee Attack

Basic Attacks Edit

  • Heavy attack: 225 damage (resets every 2.5 seconds)
  • Light: 90 damage
  • Vs Incap: 112 damage
  • Pouncing: 70/90/110 per hit

Traversal (Web Sling) Edit

The Gorgon flings out a web, pulling herself in a direction. If the Gorgon holds down the key while traversing towards the object, she sticks to it, allowing her to wall pounce. Not all walls guarantee purchase - holding the climb key will show what walls the Gorgon can stick to by showing a web around the reticule.

  • Maximum Traversals: 3
  • Recharge delay: none
  • Cooldown (In Combat) 4 seconds
  • Cooldown (Out of Combat) 10 seconds

Wall Pounce Edit

The Gorgon can initiate a leaping pounce when stuck to a wall. When left clicking from a held position, she will pounce on her target, dealing extra damage per meter travelled and initiating a sneak attack.

  • Minimum damage: 150
  • Maximum Damage: 600
  • Impact Radius: 5/8/10m
  • Damage per Meter: 15/15/25
  • Speed: 20/25/30 meters per second
  • Meters needed for maximum damage: 30/30/18

Tactics Edit

Having a low pool of armor & health, she compensates with maneuverability and battlefield control. She is skillful in sabotage, ambush & diversionary tactics in order to confuse and distract her opponents in the battlefield. She even uses her Spider Traps to distract hunters.

Web Snare

  • Web Snare is extremely useful when limiting the Hunters movement options as well as hunting wildlife.
  • The snare combos well with Acid Spit and Spider Trap, limiting hunter mobility and setting them up for the heavier damage.
  • It can be useful in aiding your escape, combine this with Acid Spit & Spider Trap to keep them at bay.
  • A target afflicted with webbing is visible while cloaked.

Spider Trap

  • Spider Trap is extremely useful for separating key hunters and incapacitating them for long periods of time. If left unattended it is the longest CC in the game.
  • Lay the Spider Trap onto ledges, bushes or blind-spots for maximum efficiency.
  • You can damage enemies inside spider traps, or use the chaos to take advantage of a different target.

Acid Spit

  • Acid Spit should be used on grouped hunters as well for the wildlife for maximum damage.
  • Acid Spit can be sprayed onto ledges and high places to restrict movement options. It will effect hunters jetpacking up cliffs if the cliff is coated.
  • Spread your Acid Spit as much as possible.
  • Combine Acid Spit with Spider Trap to maximize damage against a hunter.


  • Mimic is best used from behind cliffs and other line of sight blockers.
  • Use your traversal ability to get the Mimic where it needs to be.
  • The Mimic expires quickly and has low health, so don't wait too long when using this ability.
  • The Mimic can't use abilities or sneak, but it can melee for a little extra damage.
  • The Mimic leaves identical footsteps and can also startle birds, leaving the hunters to go away from you when used correctly.


Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward Lvl Reward
1 Start 11 Badge 21 50 Keys 31 50 Keys
2 Badge 12 Speed Climber - Major 22 Unkillable - Superior 32 Badge
3 Hunger - Minor 13 50 Keys 23 Badge 33 50 Keys
4 50 Keys 14 Badge 24 50 Keys 34 125 Keys
5 125 Keys 15 Feral Instincts - Major 25 125 Keys 35 Elite Skin
6 Haste - Minor 16 125 Keys 26 50 Keys 36 125 Keys
7 Badge 17 Badge 27 Badge 37 125 Keys
8 125 Keys 18 Mutated Claw - Major 28 Evolved Haste - Superior 38 Badge
9 Fast Climber - Minor 19 50 Keys 29 50 Keys 39 125 Keys
10 50 Keys 20 125 Keys 30 125 Keys 40 Prime Skin

Rewards for perks that are already at level 3 are replaced with a 200 keys reward.

Photo GalleryEdit

Gameplay ImagesEdit

Official ArtworksEdit


Evolve Gorgon Cometh Official Trailer01:27

Evolve Gorgon Cometh Official Trailer

Gorgon reveal Trailer

First teaser video posted on Evolvegame's instagram on October 10th.

Second teaser video posted on Evolvegame's instagram on October 14th.

Third teaser video posted on Evolvegame's instagram on October 21st.

Fourth, and final teaser video posted on Evolvegame's instagram on October 28th.


  • At the end of the game's credits, a Morse code message is played which, when deciphered, translates to an emergency message from a colony that has just been attacked by a previously-unseen Monster. This is likely referring to the scrapped Monster "The Host" however it is possible that this may have been the Gorgon.
  • The Gorgon bears a somewhat similar appearance to the original design for the monster known as "The Host", a monster that was originally planned for the game early in development.
  • The name "Gorgon" came from a leak in an Amazon sale for the Evolve Ultimate Edition and this has been confirmed.
  • The developers have stated that Gorgon is (intended to be) the most terrifying monster they have ever created.
  • A Gorgon is said to have destroyed a class-3 colony called Chapel Colony single-handedly.
  • Gorgon is the second "female" monster, besides the Wraith.
  • The Gorgon is stated to be completely separate from the Host.
  • The Gorgon is the second Monster that can deploy a substitute to fight for her, the first being the Wraith.
  • The Gorgon is the first monster to be able to summon a trap minion to fight for her.
    • The Gorgon is also the first monster to have "children" within her.
  • The name "Gorgon" comes from an ancient Greek word meaning terrible or dreadful. The term commonly refers to any of three sisters who had hair made of living, venomous snakes, as well as a horrifying appearances that could turn anyone to stone whoever looks at them.
  • The Gorgon resembles a drider, a creature common to fantasy worlds that constitutes a human who is a spider from the waist down in the same way that a centaur is a human who is a horse from the waist down.
  • The Gorgon also resembles the Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2, due to its hideous appearances & the ability to spit acid (they are also both female).

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