Crow batray large

Gobi is Crow's pet Batray, and serves as Crow's main tracking ability. When sent out, Gobi flies in front of the Hunters for a short while, highlighting all entities in range before flying back to Crow's shoulder. Like the Dust Tag ability that Cabot uses, Gobi is extremely effective at locating the Monster and keeping track of it during pursuit.

Biology Edit


Gobi, perched on Crow's arm.

Gobi is a tamed Batray. While the easily startled birds are normally untameable, Gobi is equipped with a set of goggles called a Neotenic Stimulator that act somewhat like the hood of a hunting falcon, allowing Crow to handle him with ease. Gobi is roughly the size of a hawk, but has more resemblance to a bat, with large, membranous wings. However, the sharp, fanged jaws and lizardlike tail that Gobi possesses easily set him apart from both of them. When Gobi is sent to search for the Monster, he is highlighted on the screen, and the player can easily spot his glowing form wheeling off in the distance as he circles the area. While Gobi is fantastic at reconnaissance and tracking, he has absolutely no offensive capabilities whatsoever. As such, it is occasionally wise to keep him on your shoulder when in more hostile wildlife infested areas.