Glaciapods are strange creatures native to The Distillery . They excrete blue goo that can restore armor and energy to the monster if consumed.

This creature leaves no corpse and therefore has no perk.

  • Meats: 0
  • 30 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 1
  • Hunter Damage Bonus: 1x
  • Attitude toward monster: Ignores the monster.

Glaciopods only defecate when hunters or monsters are nearby.  Eating glaciopod feces can cause Harpies to appear.  Glaciopod feces are worth 1 Evolution point each.  Glaciopods will defecate for the first time within 5-10 seconds of a player moving within their 40 meter sight range.  Any sequential droppings will occur between 20 and 30 seconds after the first.