The Dune Beetles are large predatory creatures in Evolve.

Biology Edit

Dune Beetles are insect-like creatures that are native to the planet Shear. Dune Bugs are approximately as large as a stage one Goliath.

The Dune Bug has two clusters of three small eyes directly beneath the large beak-like structure on the creature's head and to either side of the mouth. There are several clawed appendages around the mouth itself.

They will attack anything that approaches them with their large, sharp forelegs. They will aggressively attack Hunters as well as the Monster, though it is also responsible for scavenging food resources that other predatory creatures are trying to eat.

They can be found on desert maps such as The Dam.

Dune Beetle

Two Dune Beetles attacking.


The Dune Beetle does not appear to have any special tactics, other than attacking the player with its tarsals and consuming resources.

Remember to give them space as a hunter and as a monster as they do large amounts of damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dune Beetle bears a resemblance to the Arachnid Warrior Bugs seen in the Starship Troopers franchise.
  • The Dune Beetle formerly had a grapple animation similar to the ones used by the Venomhound, Blitzleopard, Megamouth, and Tyrant. It's also one of the deadliest predators on Shear.


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