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Dropship Conversations 1-1 Edit

Abe and Bucket - Diplomacy Edit

[Abe] Bucket, you ever want to upgrade your mobile unit, or uh, whatever you call that chassis, you let me know.

[Bucket] Really? You would do that for me?

[Abe] Course, man. Celestial's got a new AE-35 mobile unit.

[Abe] Be about a thousand times better than that HuangCorp piece of junk you're running around in.

[Bucket] The Celestial models are... expensive. You are not talking about theft?

[Abe] Come on, man. You think I don't know who I'm talking to? You don't steal it, you just find someone who's got one...

[Abe] Find out what he wants that he ain't got. Preferably before he knows what you're looking for.

[Bucket] Ah, I see. Diplomacy.

[Abe] Sort of. And uh, Bucket?

[Bucket] Yes, sir?

[Abe] Traditionally, you don't ask the scrounger how he gets it's shit. It's not, uh... polite.

[Bucket] I understand, sir.

Abe and Bucket - It Is The Best Edit

[Abe] Bucket! All right. Turrets for days, my favorite.

[Bucket] They do make it easier to kill a giant monster!

[Abe] Yes they do, especially when the monster is wrapped in a stasis grenade.

[Bucket] I admit to a certain thrill when I see the giant brute struggling against your stasis field.

[Bucket] All the while my turrets happily chew through it's armor.

[Abe] It is the best!

[Bucket] The turrets love it, too. They're very happy little drones when they can make a difference.

[Abe] You can hear them talk?

[Bucket] Yes!

[Abe] And what's that like?

[Bucket] Like listening to humans, except without all the gasses.

Abe and Bucket - This Is A Strange Job Edit

[Abe] Bucket, there has to be a way to wire up your remote unit so it doesn't just sit there while you're flying your head around.

[Bucket] Oh there is!

[Abe] Well then why ain't you using it, metal man?

[Bucket] We tried it early on in our planet taming career. The problem is going back to my chassis afterwards.

[Bucket] It's incredibly disorienting to find myself suddenly in a strange place going in a strange direction.

[Bucket] Often with something horrible in front of me going 'raaghaaugh!'

[Abe] Makes sense I guess.

[Bucket] Much easier to find a place to park my Chassis and take my head off.

[Abe] I can dig it. Man, I can't believe I'm on a spaceship talking to a robot about taking his head off.

[Abe] This is a strange job.

[Bucket] Getting stranger every day!

Abe and Cabot - Not Our Brief Edit

[Abe] Cabot, you gotta give me a reason for letting Kala onboard.

[Cabot] It's a strange situation, I admit.

[Cabot] But having her on the team gives us a better chance to understand what these things are.

[Cabot] Maybe where they come from. How to stop them.

[Abe] That's not our brief and you know that.

[Cabot] Who else is going to do it?

[Abe] I was afraid you'd say that.

Abe and Cabot - Parnell Has A Big Mouth Edit

[Cabot] Do you have plans for your payout once we finish this job, Abe?

[Abe] I don't think that far ahead, man.

[Cabot] Ok. I thought you might try and pay some people off, visit your dad.

[Abe] Who the fuck told you that? One of your cop computers look that up for you?

[Cabot] Parnell told me.

[Abe] Oh. That guy's got a big mouth.

[Cabot] Well you ever get serious about that, let me know. I still have a lot of friends in the Marshal service.

[Cabot] Get you back to Hub for a while without anyone knowing.

[Abe] You serious?

[Cabot] Sure. Plus, you know, we get off this planet your dad would probably like to see you.

[Cabot] Hear about what happened here.

[Abe] Yeah. Maybe. I dunno.

Abe and Caira - Oh No Edit

[Abe] Oh no.

[Caira] What? You see me and it's "Oh no"? How's that supposed to make me feel?

[Abe] I just had lunch!

[Caira] I don't know why you eat before a drop.

[Abe] Because I was hungry! And I LIKE eating!

[Caira] Well you'll be hungry again in a minute, and you can eat again. What are you complaining about?

[Abe] I'll be hungry again because when you use the adrenaline boost, I lose my lunch an hour later!

[Caira] It's not my fault! We've got monsters to catch, what do you want me to do?

[Abe] I just don't want to throw up all the time. Gets on my boots. These are nice boots.

[Caira] Ah, Daisy will lick it up, relax.