The Carnivorous Plant is a stationary creature in the Evolve universe that lurks in various locations and poses as an obstacle to the hunters. When a hunter steps in a plant, the plant will envelop him, dealing damage and immobilizing the hunter until they are freed by another teammate or a monster.

During that time, the hunter is unable to take action and is vulnerable to wildlife such as Reavers and Mammoth Birds. Any bullet or other attack will free the hunter as the plant has almost no hit points.

  • Unlike other wildlife, plants do not respawn.
  • Plants have a set pool of spawn locations, typically along shortcuts and lesser travelled pathways.
  • Similar to being pounced, pinging while in a plant will ping the plant.
  • Plants only eat hunters, and have no benefit to the monster whatsoever, although an Evacuation bonus will spawn plants that the monster can consume for health.
  • If Maggie has Daisy on the team and becomes caught, Daisy will perform a kick maneuver to free Maggie from the plant. It's generally faster to shoot it, however!

Stats: Edit

  • Meats: 0
  • 30 hp
  • Attacks:
    • Chomp “Pounce”: 100 per tick