"We bring the stars to you."
-Trademark of CMET
CMET (Celestial Materials Extraction and Transport, sometimes referred to as Celestial) is one of several gigacorporations in the universe of Evolve, specializing in Terraforming, Mining and Telecommunications and a central economic force in Hub worlds. Claiming several hundreds of years of expertise in terraforming and connecting planets dating as far back as humanity's initial forays into space exploration, Celestial Materials comprises over 50,000 of the richest corporations in Hub and boasts customer numbers in the duodecillions.

One of Celestials recent projects involves production on Shear.

CMETLink Message Edit

The end credits of Evolve feature an encoded message that, when run through a sonic visualizer, translates to a transmission over CMET's telecommunications network. The message seems to refer to an attack on a Celestial Materials headquarters on Akhenahten Station by the Monsters.

"Beam Cmetlink M50Z312380 xCaps AKHENAHTEN CMHQ Under attack by unknown spontaneously generated hostile entities station defenses under entity control suffering heavy casualties superheavy ordinance ineffective - advise no contact full quarantine execute protocol BG1132 five days of life support remaining tight beam Cmetlink"

This message led to the discovery of the Celestial Materials webpage,, which contains information about the corporation and possible hints to the fifth support.

Thanatologists and the Lazarus Device Edit

The Celestial Corporation developed the Lazarus Device for Hub's war with the Basilisk Nebula.

"Field medics are expensive to train, expensive to replace, and proved little use against genetically engineered mutant shock troops. So Celestial developed the Thanatologist - A quick to train, inexpensive field medic replacement with no medical experience, only the ability to bring dead soldiers back to life.

The Lazarus Men, as they became known, were deployed alongside Hub's new Chemical Trooper Division, a devastatingly effective combination cited by most histories of the Mutagen Wars as the decisive technological development that gave Hub the edge it needed to finally put down the Basilisk Nebula's rebellion."

Service history Edit

  • In service: 2368 – 2371
  • Manufacturer: Celestial Materials Extraction & Transport
  • Unit cost: ҝ18,664
  • Produced: September 2367
  • Power Source: 2mw Celestial TRU-power™ sealed thorium microreactor.
  • Operating System: Rank-Rajat OS3 "Caliban"
  • Security: PITRE Corporation DNAccurate™ M-11-80 Biometric System

Lazarus is, of course, a Lazarus Man.

Celestial Survey Edit

One of Celestials divisions is survey - sending lone individuals out to scout planets primed for colonization. Crow is a retired Celestial Surveyman.

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