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This page is an ongoing effort and any contribution (if correct) is welcome. Please don't be shy to add or edit more quotes that may have been missed/misinterpreted.

This is the page containing in-game quotes from the character Bucket. If you are looking for the character itself, please redirect yourself here.

Bucket/Quotes Edit

When using UAV Edit

  • Now to see what we can see.
  • Beginning high altitude recon.
  • Deploying recon UAV.
  • Getting a better view.
  • Going up to scan the area. Leaving body on auto-pilot.
  • Deploying UAV. Which is to say, my head.

When spotting monster with UAV and waypoints Edit

  • There you are.
  • I see you. And now we all do.
  • I found it.
  • Tagged it! Convenient, isn’t it?
  • It’s far away. Over there. I see it.
  • Monster sighted!
  • Come, creature from another dimension! We are not afraid of you! We're also excellent liars!
  • There it is! Yay!
  • Well spotted!
  • My sensors confirm the target.
  • Target tagged.
  • There it is.
  • Good eyes, human.
  • I see it.
  • Here! It’s here!

Getting through monster’s Armor Edit

  • We’re through its armor! How delightful.
  • Mr. Hallsey says they tend to run when their Armour is gone! We should watch for that.
  • It's armor is gone! We may survive! I mean, we'll certainly survive! I think.
  • Next time try bringing a robot monster!

Wraith Edit

  • Wraith! Wraith!
  • Firing on the Wraith!
  • I hope you like missiles, Wraith! For I have an unlimited supply!

Goliath Edit

  • I found the Goliath! By basically running into it!
  • I'm firing on the Goliath! I'm also shouting my internal monologue! I don't know why, I just want to fit in!
  • Golaith! Have a missile! They're delicious!

  • [When Goliath breathes fire] Ignition!
    • Immolation!
    • Maintain distance!
  • [When Goliath throws rock] Rock!
    • Run or get rocked!
      • It's got... a rock? Wonderful.

Kraken Edit

  • Lightning! Devastating, circuit frying, lightning!
  • Move! Save your circuits!
  • Lightning monster! Open fire!
  • Kraken engaged! Not looking forward to this!
  • Lightning strike incoming!
  • Lightning bolt!
  • Kraken engaged! If I short circuit, you know why!
  • Firing on the highly charged monster!

Spotting wildlife Edit

  • Megamouth! If we had one thousand, twenty three more, we’d have a gigamouth!
  • Trapjaws detected.
    • Visual on Trapjaws.
  • Blitzleopard here!
    • Ah, the glowing blitzleopard tail. Nice of them to light up for us.
  • Reaver detected.
    • Visual on Reaver.
    • Reaver located. Be very careful.
  • Crowbill! Please avoid it!
    • Very large sloth thing here!
  • Ah, the glowing tendrils of a mammoth bird. Lovely.
    • Very, very, large land bird located.
      • Lightning bird!
        • I don’t know, it’s large. But is it really ‘mammoth’?
          • Mammoth bird! It packs quite a lot of amps, be careful.
  • Steamadon detected.
    • Keep distance from the Steamadon.

When seeing Elite wildlife Edit

  • High value wildlife located!
  • I found a beautiful genetic mutation. Let’s kill it!
  • Firing on the mutant!
  • This mutant wildlife would provide a good profit.
  • Neutralizing albino!

Following Monster tracks Edit

  • It came through here.
  • We have a trail.
  • More tracks!
  • Tracks! They resume here.
  • Tracks located.
  • Tracks!
  • Its tracks lead this way!
  • We have tracks again.
  • Ah, here they are. It's tracks continue here.
  • Follow me, and we’ll soon find the monster.
  • Following the glowing footprints! So convenient.
  • The tracks go this way.

Executing wildlife Edit

  • Eliminating hostile wildlife!
  • Die, creature!

Carnivorous Plant Edit

  • There’s a carnivores plant here!
  • Ah yes, one of those plants that look like a giant anus!
  • Oh, right! The 'man' eating plant. I forgot.
  • Plant! One of the nasty ones, obviously. I don’t normally get excited by flora.
  • (When captured) Ah! A plant has me!
    • Assistance, please!
      • I'm covered in sap and digestive juices!

  • Would someone like to step on it? I confess it brings me great joy to watch.

  • Ah, a man eating plant. And a robot eating plant, if given the chance. They’re very ambitious.

While firing at the monster with missile launcher Edit

  • Missile launched! Now comes the ‘fun’ part.
  • Missile, missile, missile!
  • Missile launched! Oh, I must thank Cabot for this attachment.
  • A bullseye! What do I win?
    • And what do bulls have to do with it?
  • I hit the target! I’m getting better at this.
  • Firing, firing, aiming, aiming.
  • I must admit, this is incredibly satisfying!
  • Missile launched! Why do I only have one of these? I should be made of missile launchers. I must speak to Cabot about that.
  • A hit! A most palpable hit!
  • Ha-ha! I find this quite enjoyable!
  • Apparently, I'm pretty good at this!
  • Firing on the giant monster! This is our job! Amazing isn't it?
  • Die!
  • Did anyone see that!? I’m quite proud of that!
  • Target acquired! Well, sort of. It's a process, really.
  • Enjoy that!
  • Have a missile!
  • Missile away!
  • Laser guided missile, in the air!
  • This is fun!
  • Nobody likes a bully! Opening fire!
  • Bam! As they say.
  • Suck on that! Euphemistically-speaking.

Cloaking teammates Edit

  • Cloak active.
  • Cloaking nearby allies.
  • Cloaking.

Being pounced Edit

  • I found it! It's on top of me!
  • Get off of me! I'm already a heavily abused piece of machinery!

Saved from Venom Hound Edit

  • That was... interesting to watch.

Saving teammate from being pounced Edit

  • Leave my friend alone!
  • Back off, Monster!

When the monster alerts birds Edit

  • Carrion birds circling!
  • It startled some birds! Let’s startle it back.
  • Birds in the air! Robot stating the obvious!
  • Look! Birds! Not the most useful comment, I realize, but accuracy counts for something.

Reviving teammates Edit

  • You look like you are in pain. Possibly later you could describe this sensation to me.
  • Hello, injured monkey. Oh, it’s you!
  • Congratulations. There's a very slim chance you'll survive this.
  • Oh, I see you're on your ass again. Typical.
  • We need you, human!
  • I am being helpful!

When being healed Edit

  • Repaired.
  • Success! Good work, human.
  • Spectacular! I'm frankly surprised!
  • Come on, come on, repair already!
  • You are effective! Congratulations!

When most of the team is down Edit

  • This isn't working! We're doomed!
  • Organics are simply the worst. Ah, local bipeds excepted, of course.
  • Is this our new strategy? Run in terror so the monster concludes we're too DUMB to eat?

When fallen Edit

  • Hardware failure!
  • Help!
  • Chassis emergency!
  • Oh dear. I seem to be broken.
  • Mechanic! I mean... medic!
  • System shutdown!
  • Resuscitation, please!
  • It's really not my fault, I didn't pick the HuangCorp drone chassis.
  • Assistance, please!
  • Down I go!
  • Damned unreliable chassis!
  • Repair me!
  • Emergency!
  • Pain buffer overflow!
  • Emergency reboot.
  • Backing up mind state. Just in case.

When alone Edit

  • The humans are gone. Send more robots.
  • I must stay online until my team arrives.
  • Well fuck.
  • No humans for miles. *sighs happily*

When relay is under attack Edit

  • The relay requires defense!
  • Protect that poor, innocent power relay!

Doming monster Edit

  • You captured the monster! And really upset it!
  • Target locked down! Engage!

Dome coming down Edit

  • The monster is loose! And may be taunting us. I certainly would be.

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