Arena Mode is a new game mode that was added in patch 3.0 on June 8th 2015. This mode emphasizes deathmatch style fighting in preselected domes, leading to short, casual rounds with little of the cat-and-mouse game of Hunt.

Goals Edit

Arena modes objectives are clear: kill or be killed. The Monster must kill all four hunters in a best two out of three. The hunters must kill the monster in a best two out of three. A timeout favors the player with the lowest score.

Gameplay Edit

The monster starts at Stage 2, with full armor, caught inside a permanent hunter mobile arena as chosen randomly from a set of preselected locations. After a short introduction (narrated by the voice actor for Caira Diaz), the hunters and monster duel to the death. There are no dropship reinforcements - the only way to revive is by use of the Lazarus glove or E.M.E.T's respawn beacon.

The monster can feed and Evolve to Stage 3, although it is unlikely to be an optimal strategy due to constant pressure from the hunters.

Sudden Death Edit

If one hunter survives a full minute after the death of his companions (including Daisy), the game will initiate sudden death. At this point, the hunter gains a 400% damage boost, giving them the capacity to solo even high health monsters.

If E.M.E.T. respawns the hunters during Sudden Death, all hunters will have the 400% damage boost.