Adaptations are free, non-canon DLC characters released as variants on the Hunter and Monster characters of Evolve, designed to provide a fun way to extend the gameplay and play outside of the larger storyline. They feature a new character skin, a unique twist on each piece of equipment that often reverses or completely changes the characters archetypal role inside their class, and new visual effects and sound effects for each of the characters abilities. The characters voice-over is unchanged.

They began with the release of Meteor Goliath and have since covered each of the base hunters immediately available in Evolve. A second tier of free adaptations (Kraken, Lazarus, Bucket, Hyde and Griffin) is planned.

The following adaptations are in Evolve:

Meteor Goliath

A tanky, lighter Goliath with less single target damage, but more incremental and area of effect damage.

Blitz Markov

A chromed-out Assault with a focus on carefully positioning mines and beams to inflict less reliable damage with a larger capacity for destruction.

Rogue Val

A black ops Medic with area of effect healing and a great deal of personal survivability and damage but less overall support functionality.

Wasteland Maggie

A post-apocalyptic Trapper who deals more damage with less control of the monster. She has a flamethrower on her dog.

Tech Sergeant Hank

A grizzled military Support less useful in a pinch but capable of over-preparing hunters for any fight.

Elder Kraken

This adaptation of the Kraken trades out his ranged attacks for a more direct approach to combat.